Concrete Pumping for commercial, highway, industrial, and residential construction projects.

The process of concrete pumping is a more safe and cost-effective method of placing concrete. At Pioneer Concrete & Fuel, we are knowledgeable and our certified concrete pump operators are trained to execute innovative pumping and placing techniques for even the most challenging job-sites.

Truck-Mounted Boom Pumps

  • 28 Meter (Offering 70′ of reach)
  • 31 Meter (Offering 87′ of reach)
  • 36 Meter (Offering 100′ of reach)

Pioneer Concrete & Fuel, Inc. in Butte, MT Belongs to the American Concrete Pumping Association

“Why Should I Pump My Concrete?”

A concrete pump places concrete faster and more accurately, with less labor than any other method. This allows concrete contractors to save money, and free up valuable personnel for other duties. Using this method of concrete application, allows us to pass those cost savings on to you! In addition to cost savings you will also end up with a better finished product. The direct placement of the concrete without re-handling improves the quality of the concrete and can reduce the chances of cracking. Furthermore, a concrete pump causes less congestion than most other methods. If you have any questions about the pumping process or the benefits of placing your concrete this way, we are happy to help! Call Pioneer Concrete & Fuel, Inc today!

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